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Upcoming Projects

Thank you to everyone that has helped us!


Check back for posts about these upcoming projects:


Garage Insulaton

New & Existing Bathroom Remodel


Basement Remodel

Mudroom Final Touches


(This list is getting shorter!)

About Us

We are hard working people with big ideas for our small home.  We draw on our Norwegian heritage so that our space speaks to who we are. We love our home and we hope you will too!


- Anna, Tor, & Brin 

Haakon, Jane, Erik O, Bjorn, Erik H, Aaron K, Judy, Chuck, Dave, Shannon, Adam, Zak, Ken, Bob, Eric, Scott P, Cass, Shaun, Pete, Arne, Joe, Elamean, Saad, Charlie, Sabion, Deana, Scott, Loren, Connie, Laura, Matt E, Mike C, Megan H, Tim, Scott E, and Matt K

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