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Master Bath Electricity and a New Puppy!

Tor has been hard at work getting the wiring done in the master bath so we can be ready for a contractor come May. Yeah that is right, we will be using a contractor for part of this work. Although we love doing the work on our own, it is going to be nice to have a project get finished quickly. I am already dreaming of a warm bath in the new tub and a glass of wine...yum.

The most important part of this post isn't the wiring of course, it is this cute little lady right here. We have decided to become a family of four and are in the middle of adopting Pittricia Mae. She hasn't been in the new bathroom space yet, but sure is curious. She loves to explore her new home with her sister Brin, but he favorite hobby is snuggling. She fits right in to our family.

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