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Master Bath Insulation and Sheetrock

We continue to make progress on the master bath. I should say Tor does because I am not doing anything these days to help out. We are expecting our first child! The plan is for Tor to get this project completed soon so that we can move into the extra storage space it will bring and make room for a nursery in one of our bedrooms. When you live in a smaller home, storage is so precious and I can't wait to move random things into the closets to the left and right in the first picture below.

In regards to the pictures, this one showcases the spray foam that went in last week. I didn't take a picture of each room in here because let's face it... you see one roof line with spray foam, you've seen them all. We hired out this job.

Here Tor is prepping for the sheetrock. We finally got rid of the last old window in the house. That is excited all by itself because that thing was gross. It was single pane and was nearly 70 years old. Trying to clean it was a complete waste of time so I rarely ever did. The glass was so scratched that it never looked clean anyway. It certainly seems more real now that we can walk into the space directly. The wall was cut out all the way to the floorboards and the bathroom is actually a step down allowing for higher ceilings. Tor also had to move the outlet so it wouldn't interfere with the door. Mae clearly ins't all that impressed.

This is a picture of the laundry room and a little bit of view of the shower/vanity area. This picture and the following two are post sheetrock before painting. We don't have lighting in these rooms yet so all I could use was a flood lamp from the other room.

This is the view of the bathroom as it would look when walking out of the laundry room or shower. The tub will be where the box is sitting on the far wall. It is hard to tell right now, but behind the leftover sheetrock is an unfinished half wall. We are putting maple veneer there as well as behind the vanity.

This is a shot of what it looks like as you enter from the bathroom. It is hard to get a picture that shows both the walls and the full height of the room. Oh well, I am sure you get the point.

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