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Sunday, July 20, 2014


The Crawlspace

This is a picture of the crawlspace.  It is glowing blue because the tarp above is letting in light where the plywood is still missing.  I can't wait until the floor is completely done.  It will be so awesome to have some extra storage in the house!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


The Crawlspace has a Floor

This is just a quick picture to show the crawlspace floor.  This is not going to be the craziest post ever.  Actually it is almost over.  Here is the floor, the concrete guys poured it this week and now it is dry.  Story over. :)  

Sunday, June 29, 2014


The Crawlspace Cutout


Tor woke up before me today, which rarely happens, and got started to work right away.  He rented a concrete saw and began cutting the doorway into the crawlspace.  He said that the block "cut like butter" given that the block is so old and not made with the same psi like it is now days.  He did a two-hour rental and had the saw back early.  Some people may have waited to do this process until the crawlspace was enclosed, but we thought it best to do it early to keep the mess out of the house as much as possible.  It is already hard to keep the house clean given we have to walk up dirt piles to get to either of our doors.   



This is Tor slicing through the wall.  He looks so tough and manly right now!


















Here he is cutting the wall more.  It got kind of tricky towards the bottom of the wall.





















Here he is cleaning out the discard from where he cut.  The saw makes two thin lines.  The gap is what comes out between those two lines so if anything gets stuck it still needs to get pulled out. 















Our basement is disgusting quite honestly.  The previous owners had put a steam room in there with very little ventilation, which made the basement nasty with mold etc.  We gutted the whole basement when we first bought the house, but the walls and floor still have stains from the water damage.  We only use the space now for storage and laundry so it has been fine for our needs thus far.  Eventually there will be a bedroom, family room, storage, and utility room down there.  








Once the block was cut all the way through, Tor chiseled some concrete that was between the window and header to make the knockdown easier.  He didn't want to cut horizontally because he felt the block might tip onto the saw and damage it. 














Here Tor is taking out the window.




















Our good friends Tristan and Jill will be happy to see the sledgehammer being used.  They got it for us on our wedding.  We registered at Home Depot.  You can see that the bow still hanging from the handle.  5 years later and it is still there!  The entrance to the crawlspace is finished!  Brin has been very intrigued by this all day and keeps sneaking to the basement to check it out.  I let her be down there for a little while unattended.  When I went to check on her, she was outside trying to scale the wall, which is nearly 5 feet tall.  We will be hanging plywood to cover the space later today, but wanted to let the floor dry up from the saw water. I helped with a lot of random stuff today (mostly picking up stucco), but I did hang my first joist hanger so I am no longer a virgin at that.  




Saturday, June 28, 2014


The Foundation is Going In

This area is completely dug out because there will be a crawlspace under the kitchen.  This is of course necessary here versus the garage because we will be heating the kitchen.  
















We will use this area as storage.  The crew actually dug deeper than they needed to which left the space only a few feet away from being a full height room.  We had gone back and forth originally on whether or not to make this a full basement area.  We decided on making it a crawlspace since the house has little storage and the entrance to this area will be through our mechanical room (and to save some money too).  Tor just said yesterday though that it would have been nice to make it into a brew room. It is hard not going deeper when we are so close already!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Our First Projects

When Tor and I met for the first time, little did I know what I had coming. We only knew each other for a few months before we got engaged and shortly thereafter purchased our first home.  For lack of a better term, our house started out as a dump.  As an example, the kitchen counter top was likely original to the house and so was the grunge sticking in the crevices of its faux grain texture.  We quickly got started fixing things up and began by throwing away much of the inside of the house.  We stored it in the garage until we had enough to fill a dumpster. We had a lot of help from family and friends throughout the process and for that are eternally grateful.   




The most memorable moment of our initial home remodel was when Tor's father Haakon gave us his blessing. We were engaged at the time and Haakon had come over to check on how the house projects were coming as he often did.  When he came into the house, all the lights were out because Tor was rewiring some outlets.  We had just torn out the carpet so I was hastily pulling out the staples left behind in the stairwell with a headlamp on so that I could see what I was doing.  Haakon came around the corner yelling out our names to see where we were and he saw me sitting in the dark on the steps, my hair a complete mess with sweat dripping from my brow.  He chuckled and said, "Anna, if you and Tor make it to your wedding day, you will make it through anything."  This was incredibly meaningful for me because it was the first moment that I felt completely part of my husband's family.  In fact it was no longer "Tor's family", it was just "our family"  

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