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Master Bath Plumbing and a Walk-In Shower

We have been slacking on the updates lately, but it has been for good reason. The weather has been nice and cabin season is in full swing. Tor has been picking at the house projects off and on as he has time so there has still been some progress. Pictured here is the plumbing in place for the vanity and walk-in shower.

Laundry will be in the upstairs bathroom as well so pictured here is the utility sink plumbing. I am hoping Tor takes a few minutes to add some technical notes in here about it all. For now you will need to settle for what I write!

The shower is one of the coolest features of the new master bath. It will be a dual-head walk in shower that has a linear drain on the back wall. Tor has spent a lot of mental bandwidth trying to figure out how this gets installed, but thinks he finally figured it out.

Here is a close up shot of the linear drain. The floor is sloped so that it will all drain towards the back wall.

The puppy, Mae, is helping showcase the toilet plumbing. The toilet will be behind a pocket door for privacy while the rest of the room will be an open format. This was Mae's first visit to this bathroom, because we still haven't knocked out the wall from the master bedroom to this space. This means we still crawl through the window opening to get in.

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