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Vanity, Tub, and Laundry... Oh My!

Tor has been hard at work in the master bath again. The vanity was installed about a week ago. I was so excited about this that I organized all of our heath and beauty supplies as soon as he had the drawers put together. The backsplash isn't complete because the quartz installers cut it wrong. It is going to mimic the same backsplash as in the kitchen. The tub is amazing too. Although it wasn't installed early enough for me to labor at home (doesn't matter anyway since I never labored at home) it is lots of fun to take baths in with with our little guy. He loves his bath toys which are also a welcoming addition to our master bath decor. As I type this, Tor is outside putting together the mirror. You know us, we can't just buy something pre-made!

The vanity is from Ikea. It is actually two vanities put together that we put quartz on top of. We added the wood strip because we chose to skip the Ikea sinks and get something else. This meant that the plumbing would hang too low causing the top drawer to not shut. Tor had to custom cut out the top drawer a little so we wouldn't lose so much storage space.

The laundry room is nearly complete as well. We still need to install the pocket door, but have been using the laundry for about a month now. I highly recommend that if you still drag all of your laundry downstairs to wash it and have the means to move it up to the same level as your bedrooms you move it!! It makes laundry so much less of a chore. I can throw my clothes in the dirty basket right as I hop in the shower.

This is the last shot of the laundry room. We used the quartz countertop in here too as well as the same sink that we used in the kitchen. Tor still has to install the last door here, but I spent the better part of my day installing the shelving in all of the cabinets and then organizing the storage. We will use this space for cleaning products, linens, and misc household supplies like light bulbs. I am so happy to finally be nesting in some of these spaces. One of the best parts is that I am accumulating a boat load of stuff to take to the donation center as I sort through and organize. It feels amazing to declutter. We all know that there is stuff in our house that we rarely use.

Up next... mirror installation, pocket doors, closet shelving, closet carpet and painting.

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