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Siding Finished - Soffit in the Works

The siding is officially done now. Tor spent last week working on the last wall. It was tricky because it had all of the utility outlets to work around. We ended with a little bit of extra siding left to spare. As of right now we plan to keep it and potentially use it for a tree house or storage unit at some point.

The soffits are not a glamorous thing to take pictures of, but they do really finish off the house nicely. Tor and his brother Bjorn had worked a few weeks ago to get some of them done on the north and south peaks. This past week we worked on the west side and the east side lower areas. These were tricky as well due to all the cut outs for the lights. We used 3/4 inch plywood stained with the same cedar stain as the wood siding.

This is the soffit area over the deck. There are two speakers (the larger circles) and lights as well (the smaller circles). The speakers are set up to connect to the ones in the kitchen. The area over the deck is now completely finished with the exception of the fascia. The only areas left on the exterior of the house are the smaller peaks on the east and west side and a few corner areas. We still have to finish the fascia as well and then finish the custom wood front of the garage door. I am crossing my fingers that we have everything done by the time is snows so we can finally enjoy the winter weather in MN properly... either inside by the fire or on a ski slope.

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