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From the South Side

The south side is nearly complete, but for the sake of this post, it is complete. Tor, his brother Bjorn, and dad helped to finish this wall up today and yesterday. The soffit is made out of 3/8" plywood that I stained earlier this summer. The fascia is 1 x 6 cedar stained earlier this summer too.

We rented some scaffolding this past week so we could get to the high spots easily and safely. The hope is that we can get both the south side and north side finished, but also stain the west wall of the kitchen as well before the scaffolding is due back.. We are crossing our fingers for more nice weather so we can keep working outside. We get all of our rented products from Broadway Rental (

Here is the finished work. The picture doesn't do it justice because the soffit really helps tie the wood and Hardie siding together. It is kind of weird to look at the house and see things finished. I am so used to living in a work in progress that it takes time getting used to things looking nice.

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