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A Lil' Landscaping and a Lil' Hardie

The backyard is getting a facelift with both some landscaping and some siding going up. I have spent the last few evenings working on the landscaping. I purchased the paver stones at Menards. They are 24" x 24" wide and have a diamond stamped pattern on the top. The ground has lots of sand and rock in it leftover from the original deck and the foundation from the old garage. I purchased black dirt to spread over the top after already picking out lots of stone and mixing the sand with more black dirt earlier.

This shot shows how far along we were on the siding by end of day yesterday. I also put down some grass net to help keep the ground moist as the grass seed sprouts. Typically August is dry and not a great time to plant grass, however we are tired of cleaning up mud throughout our house each time we let Brin out.

Tor and his brother Erik are prepping another Hardie Board piece. This one in particular had to be cut out for the mudroom window. Tor is dabbing the Hardie white paint to the unfinished edges. This creates a finished look and helps seal the board from the elements.

Here is a quick shot of the dabbing process.

Here Tor and Erik are setting the board in place. One more board down... about 100 more to go!

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