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Curb Appeal

The curb appeal is on the up and up! Check out our progress here!

The neighbors are happy to see the exterior is finally getting its finishing touches. The Hardie Board is going up on the north and east facing walls, which are two of the three walls that the neighbors can see. We have had a lot of people slowing down as they drive by and a lot of compliments from walkers and bikers too. This first picture shows Tor and his brother Bjorn hanging the first piece of Hardie on the south facing wall. The starter line had to be marked 3 times because it kept ending up wrong for some reason... I believe it is because my string-holding abilities got outsourced to a nail instead. Nails can be untrustworthy little buggers sometimes. Just saying.

This is the front view as it stands today. I stained the bottom half of the cedar this past weekend, and the dormers today. I have also stained all the cedar in the back that I can reach without scaffolding. We only have a few more runs of Hardie to make before the front is done. We will then move to the deck area and lastly the north side. The plan is to finish everything we can reach with a ladder then rent scaffolding to do the hard to reach areas. Much of the soffit is already stained and ready to go. After these projects are done, all we have left is the gutters, some landscaping and the mudroom left before we finish all of the projects we have started.

This is just a cool picture to show a close up of the Hardie. We chose 3 sizes to alternated and add some interest. The sizes are 7", 5" and 4" prefinished white. Less maintenance if we don't paint it ourselves and we picked the non textured option to allow for a more modern finish.

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